When it comes to schools I focus on pre-schools. I just love kids at this age and tailor my approach to capture their best look. They can be a handful but as a mom I can appreciate what having a quality photo of the kids as they progress through school means and would be honored to take photos of your students.


Where do you take the pictures?

Pictures can be taken inside with a backdrop I bring on-site or outside if the school grounds allow.

How do parents order?

Proofs are provided for ordering after the photos are taken. This can be with printed envelopes or through my website for a full digital experience.

Do you support the school?

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How many times a year do you take photos?

Most schools take fall, spring, and graduation photos but I can adjust to what your school needs.

Why choose you over big companies?

I'm a mom of four little ones and know what a good school photo can mean to the parents and how to work with the children to get the best photo. I love kids. I'm also a local small business giving back to the community and doing my best to make a difference.



“Working with Alex was so easy and so much fun!”